I photograph everything I see that stirs a feeling inside me. I have images of plants, wildlife, landscapes, architecture, farms, estates, events and travel destinations. My photographs comprise landscape images as well as close-up details and everything in between, striving to include only those elements that enhance an image and exclude those elements that detract from it.

As a graphic designer I have a keen eye for details. I couple this with my love of photography. This combination of skills has enabled me to excel with my own business as well as create personal photographs that allow my family and friends to relive our memories. I fell that photography is my creative outlet. I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures and carry my camera with me almost every day.

With the aid of several books, research on the internet and a variety of other methods,
I have been teaching myself the art of photography.


2008 I got an online Award with this photo:

2007 I won a national photo contest in Germany from CANON with this picture:

I got my first award 2006 in Germany at a Internet-Contest for this picture:

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